Concord Blue: Scripting a New Chapter in Sustainable Energy Decarbonization and Waste Elimination

Top 10 Bioenergy Solutions Companies - 2022

Bioenergy accounts for over three-quarters of the world’s renewable energy use, with traditional biomass accounting for more than half. The rising shift toward renewables and other non-fossil fuelbased energy sources, like solid biomass, biogas, and others, can be attributed to the growth of the bioenergy sector. Moreover, factors like rising energy demand, developments in bioenergy conversion technologies, increased bioenergy investment, and lowering power generation costs from bioenergy facilities are projected to boost the market. The emerging technologies can help in large-scale applications of bioenergy, including conversion economics, feedback variability, and enhancing supply chain reliability. Artificial intelligence will play a significant part in addressing bioenergy-related research challenges and enhancing bioenergy systems’ performance.

Due to its cost competitiveness in bioenergy production, solid biomass dominated the bioenergy market earlier and is likely to continue to do so over the subsequent years. Emerging waste-to-energy technologies, such as Dendro Liquid Energy, a recent invention in biological waste treatment, have a lot of potential in the bioenergy industry because they are close to being zero waste. Bioenergy and biofuels conversion technology development and implementation can play a crucial role in the future production of renewable and sustainable energy sources. This edition brings you the story of some of the top bioenergy solution providers that deliver the best outcomes for their clients.

This edition also offers a combination of thought leadership articles and exclusive insights from subject matter experts. We hope this edition will provide you with the proper assistance in choosing the best smart energy solution providers according to your requirements.

    Top Bioenergy Solutions Companies

  • Concord Blue’s patented CBR technology promises a feasible way forward here. CBR is capable of producing significantly more energy from waste than traditional W2E technologies. This is due to two main reasons: first, its cold gas efficiency of more than 80% and when producing hydrogen a higher efficiency of 55-65 percent versus ~20 percent, which is obtained by the combination of incineration plus electrolysis for hydrogen production. Second and perhaps more importantly, CBR can transform a much wider range of waste feedstocks into energy, including industrial waste, sewage sludge, hospital waste, and regular municipal solid waste.

  • Aliquippa Holdings

    Aliquippa Holdings

    Aliquippa Holdings is an Innovative engineering company using proven waste to power technology

  • Biodico


    Biodico is one of the oldest and most experienced biofuel companies in the world. Biodico has worked with the U.S. Navy

  • DMT Clear Gas Solutions

    DMT Clear Gas Solutions

    DMT Clear Gas Solutions is an award-winning technology supplier specializing in biogas upgrading and gas desulfurization for RNG projects in North America

  • Farm to Flame Energy

    Farm to Flame Energy

    Farm to Flame Energy manufactures smokeless and odorless biomass-powered generators

  • Interra Global

    Interra Global

    Interra Global is a provider of high-quality adsorbents such as molecular sieve, silica gel, and activated alumina

  • Inventure


    Inventure Renewables pioneers process technologies for the rapid, low-cost, high yield extraction of natural biochemical & material building blocks from low-value/waste biomass to provide cost-effective, carbon neutral biofuels, biochemicals and biomaterials

  • PlanET


    PlanET is a leading providers of biogas plants, they understand that the optimal interaction of processes determines the economic success of your biogas plant

  • Vobis


    Vobis provides systems in two primary technology arenas: evaporation / crystallization (isolation) and granulation / microencapsulation

  • Waste to Energy Systems

    Waste to Energy Systems

    Waste to Energy Systems bioHearth® downdraft gasifier system is the simple, affordable waste to energy solution

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